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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the Fill Calculator include a fudge factor or Z factor for helium?
A: No, this is based on simple ideal gas law formulas. Always validate the mixes against the expected outcomes at each stage and adjust to account for non ideal gases or less than perfectly precise gauges or extreme temperatures.

Q: Are my custom checklist items saved?
A: The text and whether it is displayed, is saved between sessions as a User Default value. There may be extreme cases where a value is not saved, but this method does not require any internet connection and is usually very reliable.

Q: Is any internet connection required to use the checklists or tools?
A: No, the only reason you would need internet is to send an email to request support. However, you can hit send and the email will stay in your outbox until you have signal.

Q: Does mail work with any mail service?
A: No, only with the Mail app

Q: Do you have any plans to release an Android version?
A: Not currently, though if you know any developers skilled in Android please let me know

Q: Can I check cell linearity without updating the history values?
A: Yes, the history values are only saved when you hit Update Values. This way, you could dive daily and check your cells daily, and only update the historical readings on a weekly or monthly basis.

Q: I accidentally hit to update cell values twice and now I overwrote an extra day of history! Can I get it back?
A: No, this action is not reversible.

Q: I don’t like the default settings, can you change them?
A: You can customize them and save them, but if you think your ideas warrant an update that would impact other users, please contact support at the listed email and explain your ideas! We are open to updating app functionality and want this to work with any rebreather.

Q: Is your app perfect?
A: No, as the disclosure to use points out, this app is not perfect. Validate your calculations, use your brain, you are solely responsible for your safety. If you find any way this app can help you dive more safely, please submit your ideas!

Q: Why did you make this app?
A: After over a decade of diving, I’ve seen many people perish. I’ve lost good friends. I have promised my family, including my children, that I will never die in a cave, and this app is how I personally work to ensure I am living up to my promise. I built it for me, but decided it could benefit others, too. I want everyone to come back from their dives safely, and encourage any and all tools that help meet that goal.

Q: Why a subscription?
A: A subscription with a lengthy trial period allows you to see if you like this app before you make the investment, unlike a one time payment. Too often, people create a one time payment app and never invest in improving the app. A reasonable subscription fee allows for recurring investment in the app to continue to react to your input and improve.

Q: My question wasn’t answered and I need help!
A: Please write to app@divecaves.com. The team will reply as quickly as possible and appreciates your feedback!