List Genius Support

For full user guide please see this PDF: List Genius User Guide PDF

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User Guide:

  1. Create your custom list names in List Settings
  2. Toggle each list on or off. Values in each list are saved even when the list is not displayed.
  3. Open a list
  4. To update the items in a list, select List Settings within the list
  5. To clear all items, use the Clear All button. To update the displayed values to only include the filled out lines, use the Display Filled and Hide Blank buttons. This lets you keep items on the list but turn them on or off for specific situations
  6. Confirm the items are packed, bought, etc, by checking them off the list
  7. Easily send the list of items to be packed or already packed to yourself, a partner, or more, by using the Email button

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Q: Are lists saved for future use?
A: Yes, but you can easily clear out the items to re-use for another list if needed

Q: Can I email the list to someone?
A: Yes, set their email in the list settings and hit the email button to send the status

Q: What does the Clear All button do?
A: It deletes all of your list items for that list. They can’t be recovered, so be careful

Q: Can I easily toggle on all items that have items listed? Or turn them off if blank?
A: Yes, use the Hide Blanks and Show Filled buttons to do exactly that!